Welcome to Lighthouse Youth. We are young people who unashamedly love Jesus. If you want to deepen your relationship with God, or simply want to be a part of a group of really good mates, then there's something here for you  :D

Blog: Lots going on

  • Nathan Fletcher

    11:24, Fri 25th Nov, 2016

    Wait will 2:10 you see Rachel right at the front

  • Chris Scorah

    10:58, Fri 25th Nov, 2016

    Hi everyone. Youth club open as ever tonight. Got the badge maker with me. would love to see you there. Need some help for tomorrow!

  • Chris Scorah

    13:39, Fri 18th Nov, 2016

    Hello everyone. Lighthouse will be open tonight with chocolate fondu AND sumi suits. Bargain!

  • Chris Scorah

    11:06, Fri 11th Nov, 2016

    Hey everyone. Youth centre will be open tonight back to normal. Really looking forward to seeing everybody again

  • Chris Scorah

    10:43, Fri 4th Nov, 2016

    Hi all. Just a reminder that we are meeting for the pulse at 645pm at the youth centre. LEaving at 7pm SHARP. its free but you can bring some dosh in case we have time for fast food. ENough people have said thwy are coming therefore the youth centre ...

  • Chris Scorah

    20:56, Sun 23rd Oct, 2016

    Hey all. Lets something this week. Tuesday after lunch seems like a goos idea. Whos up for some feee activities and random acts of kindness