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Blog: A sacrifice to live life to the fullest

  • Rachel Povey

    21:01, Fri 22nd Jul, 2016

    We have found a purple iPod left in the youth centre, does anyone know whose it is?

  • Chris Scorah

    11:36, Fri 22nd Jul, 2016

    Hey everyone. Last night of youthie for the summer. Also katy/jimmy/possibly Rachel leaving do. Not to be missed!!

  • Chris Scorah

    8:15, Fri 15th Jul, 2016

    Hi all. Lighthouse open tonight at 7pm as usual. There are only TWO left this summer so dont miss out! We will be planning the Katy/Jimmy leaving party. Would love to see there

  • Geoff Samways

    9:20, Fri 1st Jul, 2016

    Hi Chris. Sorry, won't be at Lighthouse tonight, have a Church commitment. Enjoy your Evening at Brokerswood.

  • Jonathan Brooks-Martin

    16:18, Fri 17th Jun, 2016

    Brokerswood Trip: Should the online forms say "24th June" (instead of "1st July")? And the response section should say "Brokerswood Trip" Iinstead of "Airsoft Trip")

  • Mirjan Oram

    8:23, Fri 24th Jun, 2016

    Is tonight the abseiling etc at Brokerswood on? And how do they get there? Thank you