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Blog: Youth Weekend Update

  • Chris Scorah

    20:18, Mon 29th May, 2017

    Hello. Some friends are going to frome cinema tomorrow to either see king arthur or pirates of the carribbean at 4.30pm. Should be finished by 8. Some if us may go on to kfc/mcds. This is not an official youth group event so u will.need to get your o...

  • Chris Scorah

    9:59, Thu 25th May, 2017

    Hoodies have arrived! People can collect them at club tomorrow. If you cant make it, let me know and we can arrange something else. I will be on holiday from Sunday evening until saturday.

  • Chris Scorah

    12:26, Tue 23rd May, 2017

    Bad news. Hoodies wont make it in time for cafe today. Really sorry. Apparently they havent even begun printing them yet so will let you know when i know more

  • Jonathan Brooks-Martin

    9:35, Fri 19th May, 2017

    Hannah & I won't be able to join you at 7pm, & may not be able to be with you at all. Have a GREAT time.

  • Chris Scorah

    7:04, Fri 19th May, 2017

    Weather forecast is looking fine for this evening so I will see you all at Heaven's gate at 7pm. I will be leaving youth centre at 6.45pm sharp for those who are desperate for a lift.

  • Chris Scorah

    12:18, Fri 12th May, 2017

    Hoodies ordered. Will be with us hopefully for youth cafe on 23rd may