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Blog: Lots going on

  • Mirjan Oram

    17:09, Fri 13th Jan, 2017

    Caleb is ill and won't be there tonight

  • Chris Scorah

    15:16, Fri 13th Jan, 2017

    Here's a clue to what's happening tonight. Dancing Queen Seven-teen! Hope to see you there. Bring friends, prizes to be one.

  • Chris Scorah

    10:59, Wed 4th Jan, 2017

    Hi everyone. Youth club returns this Friday on the 6th. Looking forward to hearing about your holiday!

  • Chris Scorah

    14:31, Fri 16th Dec, 2016

    Some Christmas fun at the Lighthouse tonight. Hope to see u there. Wear something festive!!

  • Jonathan Brooks-Martin

    20:14, Wed 14th Dec, 2016

    Are we back at base for final Friday? Hannah & I looking forward to the party :-)

  • Chris Scorah

    13:05, Fri 9th Dec, 2016

    Hi all. Youth club open at usual time and place. Hoping to put together a plan for a christmas celebration so come with ideas!