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Blog: Youth Weekend Update

  • Mirjan Oram

    14:58, Sat 22nd Apr, 2017

  • Chris Scorah

    9:09, Fri 21st Apr, 2017

    Hey guys. Not able to open youth centre tonight im afraid. There is a mixup with the license agreement, I am terribly sorry. Will see you on 28th. Blessings

  • Rachel Povey

    11:03, Sun 9th Apr, 2017

    Hi guys. If some of u r out in the sun. May I suggest heading to portway as there r three girls selling cakes a lemonade for charity. They were out all day yesterday and made £12. And they have been out since 9 this morning. So if ur about plz visit...

  • Chris Scorah

    16:28, Sat 8th Apr, 2017

    That is the Lighthouse closed for the holidays. Thanks for a great term everybody that included a fantastic weekend away. We will officially reopen when school ia back but if anyone is around on 21st, we could potentially open the centre. Also open t...

  • Chris Scorah

    12:00, Thu 6th Apr, 2017

    We are gonna have a film night tomorrow. Anyone got suggestions of movies? Can not be higher than 15 although preferrably 12a or pg or u

  • Chris Scorah

    22:28, Mon 3rd Apr, 2017

    Please see for colours