the Lighthouse


logo_two Who: 11 to 19s (School years 7 to 13 and beyond)Where: Warminster Youth Centre

When: 7 to 9pm on Fridays. Planned activities on every other Friday. See calendar for moe details

Friday nights are something wacky and different every other week. In the past this has included night walks, trips to the beach, treasure hunts and many more. The Lighthouse is a youth group for all the churches in Warminster and young people of any background. . This is a great club for young people to invite their friends to.

The pinnacle of year is our trip to Soul Survivor. This year we are going to week B (17-23rd August 2014),8 and will cost £107 if you book before 30th April 2018. If you are interested in going, please see Chris and for more information visit