The idea for the Lighthouse came from within our own youth group. They want to be a source of light and hope to their generation. They passionately believe that deepening their relationship with God will make His light shine even brighter. Below are some of the bare bone values that make up who we are and what we take seriously.

1. We love Jesus, and are passionately committed to serving Him and growing young people up to follow Him too.
2. We subscribe to and promote Biblical ethics. However, this does not exclude people of different views from participating. We aim to teach objectively,respect other people’s points of view and adhere to equal opportunities.
3. There will be no discrimination of any kind within our youth work. However, leaders within the youth work are expected to adhere to Christians principles as per job description.
4. The Lighthouse is be a safe and caring environment. Bullying or any other inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with harshly.
5. We aim to give young people the highest standard to care, support and advice.
6. All young people should have the opportunity to achieve in our youth work
7. Parents are considered a crucial part of our ministry.
More to follow…