Warminster Youth Centre Update

by System Administer, November 15th 2014

We hope to be opening Monday nights as soon as Wiltshire council give us permission, which we are pretty hopeful of. We now have enough staff to be able to cover it, so if you have been missing it the past few weeks, it will soon be making a return, so watch this space! Please spread the word to folks who may not be able to see this information. Also if you are a regular youth cafe goer after school on a Monday, do not worry! You’re cafe will remain open for the foreseeable future, if you are not able to make it to a Monday night. This may move to a different afternoon, but we will keep you informed!

We also hope to make Friday nights a weekly event rather than fortnightly. This depends on getting enough volunteers to lead, so ask around! We will be taking a poll shortly about whether we should charge subs on a Friday night. We know subs can be hard for people, but they also siginificantly subsidise costs for bigger trips. For example, we went to Airsoft for a tenner rather than twenty pounds. Lighthouse on a Friday will continue to meet in CC Hall, but we hope to move this to the Youth Centre in the future also.

Sunday night’s Lens will continue meeting in the church hall, although we are hoping to move this to another venue shortly.

Further away, we need you to get involved in putting together a funding bid, and sitting on the new LYN (formerly YAG), if you would like to see your youth group stay alive, and potentially do amazing things, such as have our own building and be self sufficient, without the councils help.

That’s all for now, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me (Chris), for more info, especially if you are a concerned parent!

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